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Carrying LittleAive

LittleAive can be carried in 3 different ways to suit your situation:

  1. Straight Down
    The most convenient way for carrying a bag, easiest to pick up and take off again. Simply put the strap over one of your shoulders and let the bag hang straight down from the strap.
  2. Across the Chest
    Provide slightly more stability and comfort than Straight Down. Wear the strap across your chest by placing the strap, overhead, onto the shoulder on the opposite side of the bag. Let the strap run diagonally across your body.
  3. Buckle Up!
    The most comfortable and stable, suitable for active or long-haul carrying. User wear the strap across the chest as well across the waist to form 3-point harness for extra stability.

For details on how to use Buckle Up, please see the next topic.

Using Buckle Up!

To use Buckle Up! Strap system, simply follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Start by wearing your Aive with the strap running diagonally across your chest.
  2. Release the Waist Strap Buckle located at the bottom left corner, on the back of the bag.
  3. Pull the Waist Strap around the front of your body. As you pull, the bag will automatically rise up to sit on your hips.
  4. Secure the buckle to original receptor. Adjust the tightness of the waist strap until comfortable.

Remember, to undo the Buckle Up!, simply reverse the steps above to return to the original carrying position. For more details, please goto Buckle Up! page here

Deal with the Flap

When opening the QuickDraw Access Flap, simply folds it onto itself. The lining of the flap features a thin strip of Velcro-compatible fabric that will lightly grip the flap in place.

Keep it clean...

Crafted from a blend of high quality, durable materials, LittleAive is one tough cookie. However, we all need a little Tender, Love and Care (TLC) every now and then. Just follow these simple steps and your LittleAive will be shinning once again!

  1. For the Polar Skin areas, simply use damp cloth soaked in warm soap water to lightly wipe the surface.
  2. For Nylon area, use damp cloth soaked in water to lightly wipe the surface.
  3. For Raincoat surfaces, use damp cloth soaked in water to lightly wipe the surface, take care not scratch the surface.
  4. Leave LittleAive in a cool, well ventilated place to dry. Do not blow dry or subject it to heat.

In step 1-3 try and avoid using tissue paper instead of cloth, as it may leave tissue pulp on the surface of LittleAive, marring its good looks!

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