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Secure your camera....properly

Your BabyAive has been designed to protect compact Point & Shoot cameras. But because camera are sized slightly different depending on the make and model, you may find that your camera may fit with some room to spare. This will not affect how well BabyAive protects your camera.

For best protection, always keep your camera in BabyAive, with zip fastened and flap velcro secured. You can also opt to use just velcro flap for faster access to your camera if needed. However, when carrying your camera, always wrap the lanyard around your wrist to prevent if from dropping accidentally.


Carrying BabyAive

BabyAive can be carried in 2 ways:

  1. Carrying with Landyard around wrist.
    This is the most popular and convenient way for carrying your BabyAive. The user holds BabyAive in their hand while wearing the lanyard around your wrist. This is the handiest way of carrying as it lets you get to your camera very quickly. Plus, you can just grab the camera and go!
  2. Carrying on belt loop.
    The most secured type of carrying, user loop their trousers' belt through the belt loop at the back of BabyAive and carry the case on their waist. This method is slightly inconvenient to use at the start, as you will need to take off your belt before carrying.

While carrying BabyAive in your hand is easy and convenient, it is strongly recommended that you always wear the lanyard at all times.


Keep it clean...

Crafted from a blend of high quality, durable materials, BabyAive is one tough cookie. However, we all need a little Tender, Love and Care (TLC) every now and then. Just follow these simple steps and your BabyAive will be shinning once again!

  1. For the Polar Skin areas, simply use damp cloth soaked in warm soap water to lightly wipe the surface.
  2. For Nylon area, use damp cloth soaked in water to lightly wipe the surface.
  3. Leave BabyAive in a cool, well ventilated place to dry. Do not blow dry or subject it to heat.

In both step 1 & 2 try and avoid using tissue paper instead of cloth, as it may leave tissue pulp on the surface of BabyAive, marring its good looks!

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