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Aive Skinny Strap isn't just another camera strap. Not only does it look good, but is also durable and comfortable to wear as well. With 6 styles from 3 material collections to choose from, there's always one to suit your looks.

Thin is in!

Cameras are getting lighter, so should your strap! That's why Aive Skinny Strap features a narrow 16mm webbing that curves effortlessly with your body. Less cumbersome to wear, Skinny Strap won't ruin your looks. Plus, the new strap will look fetching with your mirrorless camera.

Comfort is Underrated

No one should have to suffer just for carrying their camera. With Skinny Strap, we try make the experience as pleasant as possible. The narrow strap, thin profile, light materials together with special non-abrasive microfibre lining all combined to help achieve maximum comfort for users.

Styles to Suit Every Looks

You wear clothes to reflect your style, why shouldn't your Mirrorless Skinny Strap be the same? Aive Skinny Straps comes in 3 different material collections, based on the unique materials each are crafted from. With a total of 6 styles to choose from. each offer users different advantages.

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Cotton Collection
For a rugged & vintage look that standout, Cotton Collection offers a distinctive look amongst the leather-dominated strap market. It is made from Cottonier, an extra-fine cotton fibre tightly weaved together to create a lightweight & waterproof fabric.

PolarSkin Collection
The Light & comfortable collection. Made from extremely durable, engineer grade artificial leather, PolarSkin Wrist Strap Collection is paralled in its softness and lightness. It is abrasion resistance certified for upto 400,000 times!

Leather Collection
For leather lover, the Leather collection offers luxurious and classic looks. By far the most durable, its crafted from high-quality vegetable-tanned leather that provides substances and matures gracefully over time..

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