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Subtle Refinement

God is in the Details

Polar Skin

Don't let its softness fool you, Polar Skin is made for durability. Engineered to withstand scratches over 400,000 times, it easily will survive daily wear and tear while maintaining its good looks. It has also been designed to withstand temperature changes and cold cracks too. And its special insulation property means that it will stay cool to your touch, even in midday heat. And because it contains no harmful PVC, it is also environmentally friendly. Best of all, no animals were harmed in the making of this bag!


A good bag is built to last. That's why Aeskimo employs top-of-the-line 1680D Nylon fabrics across our entire range. Not only is it extremely durable and built to last, the specially applied Polyurethane treatment means that it is near-impervious to water. While others may claim similar, all you need to do is touch our bag to feel the difference.



Your Aive feature SlipControl, special anti-slip zones at the base of the Bag and Shoulder Pad. These zones are made from special polymer material, engineered to grip onto slippery surfaces as well as be durable, withstanding extreme abrasion and temperatures. Not only will it not drift off, your MiniAive will now hang onto your every move!


No one likes to carry big, bulky bags. That’s why Aive has been designed to squeeze in every micron of useful space inside its slender body. The adaptable Compartment+ frame can be adjusted to follow the “L” shape contour of your camera, freeing up an otherwise dead space for your camera accessories! Fancy a little leg room for your camera? The frame can be revert back to the typical layout in a cinch.


At the centre of every Aive lies a soft-heart and a tough soul. A semi-flexible protection frame, FlexiGuard protects your camera against impact while maintaining bag-like flexibility. So now you don’t have to lug your camera around in a box to feel safe!


Typical Layout

Redundant spaces around the camera

Compartment+ Layout

Curved Partition utilise spaces around the camera

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