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Turn Heads

Small Bag, Big Appetite

Don't be fooled! Despite its diminutive size, LittleAive has room in abundance, capable of packing a DSLR camera, with a 70-200mm lens attached*, extra lenses.. and a Speedlight. And there's still room for accessories too. Talk about greedy!

*Max lens length: 172 mm

Second to None

All style, no substance? Think again! No expense has been spared in crafting LittleAive to make it the highest quality bag possible. Its body has been built from the finest Nylon and Artificial Leather, UltraTough and Polar Skin. The lining is a blend of soft Brushed-Tricot and top grade Nylon fabric. A star treatment indeed!

Neat Freak!

More room, more mess? Not so in LittleAive! Featuring an intelligent compartment design, along with pockets that separate and organise accessories for practical use. Equipments other than your camera and lens are hidden but never too far away when you need them.

Back Saver

No pain, no gain? We beg to differ! Just because you want that photo masterpiece doesn't mean you have to break your back getting it! Our breakthrough Buckle Up! carrying system transfers the pressure from your shoulders to your hips, where it will comfortably bear the weight of your gear. Say goodbye to those sore shoulders!

No Humpty Dumpty

Stop holding your camera like a priceless Ming Vase. With LittleAive, it's in a safe pair of hands. Featuring FlexiGuard, LittleAive is outfitted with flexible padded structure designed to protect your gear from the bump and bruises that you will come across on your trip. You can take that bubble wrap off your camera now!

Safe Keeping

Pickpocketers beware! Your days of petty crimes are numbered. Any crooks dare to steal your camera will be stymied by the false front flap. Little do they know that only you can open the real access at the back of the bag when carrying. Aeskimo 1, Criminal 0!

Bold Statement

LittleAive is a new breed of camera bags, designed to be attractive,
yet fly under the radar. Its slim profile and compact design means that you will actually be carrying a bag, not a cargo box! Its minimalist looks just oozes class. And with 3 vibrant colours to choose from, no more screaming "I'm a camera bag!". You can slip through the crowd and no one would be the wiser. Mum's the word!

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