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More Than Just a Pretty Face


LittleAive features a top-access compartment with an extra short flap that opens away from your body and stay out of the way. This allows for a quick and hassle-free access to your camera. No more pushing your chin against the chest to get to your camera! You will be the quickest "shooter" in town!


Can't find your keys? LittleAive features KeyLine that allows you to fish your keys out in a jiffy. Simply hook your finger around the KeyLine strap and pull up! Your key will magically appear. Just remember to latch your keyring onto it in the first place!

Arctic Shield

Just because it's raining doesn't mean you have to duck for cover. LittleAive features Arctic Shield, a custom fitted removable raincoat. With its water-repellent coat in place, you can venture into the rain knowing that your camera will be dry as a desert..... although the same might not be true for you!

Luggage Loop

Got your hands full at the airport? Don't worry, LittleAive can take care of himself. Just put your luggage dragging handle through his back cushion and LittleAive will happily sit on top and tag along. Just don't forget to take him with you when checking your luggage!

Lens Cap Slot

Ever lost a lens cap? Salvation is at hand! LittleAive provides a convenient slot in front of your camera compartment for you to place those runaway lens cap. Simply drop it in the slot as you take your camera out for shooting. They'll be there waiting for you once you are ready to call it a day!

Double Lock Cam Buckle

Say goodbye to fiddly straps. LittleAive features a special Cam Buckle for quick strap adjustment. It boast a double locking mechanism which prevents the strap from running free while adjusting. So should the strap slip off your hand and start running the length, the Cam Buckel will automatically clamps down and stop it in its track.

Packed to the brim with sophistication

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