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Buckle Up!

A Breakthrough in Carrying Innovation


What is it?

Exclusive to Aeskimo, Buckle Up! is a revolutionary strap system, designed to make bags easier to carry. The system is unique in that it allows user to choose and switch on-the-fly between 2 different carrying poses without having to take the bag off for reconfigurations.


1. Wear the strap across your chest, with the bag at the back. Release the Waist Strap Buckle located at the bottom left corner, on the rear of the bag.

What are the benefits?

This patented system helps to reduce fatigue and muscular injuries related to prolonged carrying of heavy loads. Unlike other strap systems with multiple carrying positions, Buckle Up! offers the ability for users to switch between different positions on-the-fly, with very little pre-configuration required. With Buckle Up! user can choose between Messenger bag strap and the unique 3-point harness position.

Messenger Bag Strap
This popular position offers the most convenience, suitable for short-haul carrying. With single strap, it is easy and quick to pick up and take off the bag.

3-Point Harness Strap
This position provides the most carrying comfort as well as freedom of movement. It is suitable for long-haul carrying such as trekking or active situations such as running, climbing or making your way through a crowded environment.

How it works?

User can quickly switch from the convenient Messenger Bag Strap to the more comfortable 3-point harness carrying position by following these 3 simple steps below:


Multi-Points Securing
The bag is secured at 3 different points around user's body, making it more stable so that it will not swing around with user's movement. This provides a stable centre of gravity and reduces effort required by user's to carry the bag.

Load Redistribution
The bag's weight which is typically exerted on user's shoulder is transferred and redistributed around the hips, reducing fatigue and injuries caused by prolonged carrying of heavy loads.

When used in the 3-points harness position, Buckle Up! offers a more secure carrying position and evenly redistributes the weight over larger areas instead of just around the shoulder. The enhanced stability and weight redistribution helps reduce effort required to carry the full weight of your gear as well as mitigating repetitive strain injuries in the shoulders and back area, typically associated with prolonged carrying of heavy loads.


2. Pull the Waist Strap around your hips and secure it back to its original receptor. As you pull, the bag will rise upward. Use your hand to help lift the bag if necessary.

3. Adjust the Waist Strap tightness until comfortable. Reverse the steps to return to the original position.

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