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Big Presence

BabyAive is no ordinary camera case. Smallest it maybe in the Aive family, but it makes a big statement. Long gone are the days of dull colors and humdrum design. Say hello to vibrant colours! And like bigger siblings, it's not short on features either!

Living Large

Like others in the Aive family, BabyAive is lavishly furnished with high quality materials. Its robust body is crafted from the rugged and water resistant UltraTough, a high grade 1680D Nylon. The beautiful flap is made from our famous Polar Skin. This special artificial leather is light weight and cool to touch, even in the sun. Not only is it pretty, but it is also durable enough to withstand the wear and tear you will put it through (try scratching it 400,000 times!). And, as a bonus it is also animal friendly, so its good for your conscience too!

Perfect Fit

Compact cameras come in all shapes and sizes, hence BabyAive comes in different sizes as well: Jr. and Sr. So whatever your beloved camera maybe, there will always be a right BabyAive that you can snuggly fit your camera into.

Multiple Choices

Even compact cameras can be a hassle to carry. With QuickLoop, BabyAive offers two different ways of carrying to suit your needs. Want to snap that perfect moment? Keep your camera handy and carry by its cord. With MiniAive linked to your camera cord via QuickLoop, it will never go astray. Need your hands free to do something? Simply hook MiniAive onto your belt and presto! your hands are free! No need to undress to thread that belt, keep your pants on!

Safe and Sound

Even small camera needs protection. That's why BabyAive features FlexiGuard, an impact protection system. Unlike in its bigger sibling, where space is a luxury, the FlexiGuard in BabyAive acheive protection through a clever combination of semi-rigid body construction and minor paddings. This helps to keep the bulk down and while maintaining similar protection level. Rest assured, whenever your camera may fall, BabyAive will make sure it will bounce right back and ready for action again!

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