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Purest protection for iPhone 6

Beyond Boundaries

No plastic sides or corners to ruin your iPhone's beautiful line. The ultra slim Air Cover features a unique "frameless" design that leaves your iPhone in its purest form possible. Protect, yet unobtrusive. Its the way phone cases are meant to be.

Lush Interior

Protection on the inside is just as important as the outside. That's why Air Cover is furnished with an extremely soft MicroSuede lining. This luxurious micro fibre interior not only protects your screen but also helps to keep it clean as well.

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The ultra slim Air Cover is protection at its purest essence. Its simplicity is a result countless hours spent by our design team to distill protection requirment down to the bare essentials. By blending cutting edge material science with traditional craftmanship, Air Cover and Featuring a unique "frameless" architecture, offering protection without the added bulk.

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Instant Attraction

Don't risk scratching your phone against plastic frame. Using the revolutionary MagicAttach technology, Air Cover is secured to your iPhone through thousands of micro-suction cups. Simply press your iPhone down lightly on Air Cover and an ultra-strong vacuum bonds is formed. Air cover can be remove and reuse again, without ever leaving any residues.


Luxurious Cover

Air Cover exterior is made from PolarSkin, a high quality, engineering-grade artificial leather that is usually reserved for yachting industry. Not only is it soft and lightweight, but also highly durable. Designed to withstand outdoor marine environment, it will easily cope with heat, sweat and UV light. Plus it stays cool to the touch even in the sun.


Card at the ready

The front cover doubles as a card holder for frequently used items such as business card or metro tickets. Its these little details that makes getting through the day just that easier!


Viewing Bliss

With a built-in video stand, Air Cover allows you to enjoy your favourite clip on the phone at the best viewing angle possible. And when you are done watching, simply folds it away!

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